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TOPIC: Illegal immigrant
Tomas (User)
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Illegal immigrant 8 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 3  
If i hire a person to assist my business and i pay this person more than $600, what documentation should i obtain from the contractor, other than a W-9? Also, are foreign documents acceptable as proof of ID as long as there appears to be a valid SS card or TIN card?

One more question, under what circumstances do i need to 1099 contractors such as my lawn cutter and people that work on my home?
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Alizixiarose (User)
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Re:Illegal immigrant 8 Years ago Karma: 0  
Illegal immigration is the migration of people into a country in circumstances where such people do not meet the legal requirements for immigrating in that country, that is, when they are violating the immigration laws of that jurisdiction. Illegal immigration has numerous and complex causes, but in general, it consists in people from poor countries seeking better life opportunities in more developed countries. Illegal immigration has impact on many political, economical, social and ethical issues.

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great1 (User)
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Re:Illegal immigrant 7 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0  
Have the employee fill out an I-9 and keep for your records. You can use an ITIN or passport as proof of identity. I would just make a copy and retain for your records.

You only have to 1099 a person or company if they are providing services to your company. If i hire an attorney to prepare an estate plan and i pay the attorney $2000, i dont have to 1099 that attorney. However, if that attorney provides legal services to my company, then i should 1099 that attorney.
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