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TOPIC: Re:limited power of attorney
Miami LS (User)
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limited power of attorney 8 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 0  
Does anyone have a limited power of attorney for the sale of real property that they are willing to share?
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Henkel (User)
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Re:limited power of attorney 8 Years ago Karma: 0  

I, _______________________, of the County of _________ and State of __________, hereby appoint _____________________, as my attorney-in-fact (hereinafter referred to as my "Agent" to act for me. If _______________________ is unwilling or unable to serve as my Agent, then I appoint ___________________ to shall serve as my Agent. Any alternate Agent shall have the same powers as my Agent as set forth herein.

A. Enumerated Powers. My Agent shall have the following powers:

1. Real Property Powers. To bargain, contract, agree for, option, purchase, acquire, receive, improve, maintain, repair, insure, plat, partition, safeguard, lease, demise, grant, bargain, sell, assign, transfer, remise, release, exchange, convey, mortgage and hypothecate real estate and any interests therein including tenements and hereditaments, and including any interest which I hold with any other person as joint tenants with full rights of survivorship, or as tenants by the entireties, for such price, upon such terms and conditions, with or without warranties, as my said Agent shall determine.

2. Power to Disclaim, Renounce, Release, or Abandon Property Interests. To renounce and disclaim any property or interest in property or powers to which for any reason and by any means I may become entitled, whether by gift, testate or intestate succession; to release or abandon any property or interest in property or powers which I may now or hereafter own, including any interests in or rights over trusts, including the right to alter, amend, revoke or terminate, and to exercise any right to claim an elective share in any estate or under any will. In exercising such discretion, my Agent shall consider any reduction in estate or inheritance taxes that may be due on my death, and the effect of such renunciation or disclaimer on persons interested in my estate and persons who would receive the renounced or disclaimed property; provided, however, that my Agent shall make no disclaimer that is expressly prohibited by other provisions of this instrument.

I have signed and delivered this General Durable Power of Attorney this ____________, 2011.


___________________________ ______________________________
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Kera (User)
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Re:limited power of attorney 7 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 0  
The title says limited power of attorney, but the document says general power of attorney. I think the document needs to be edited to say limited or "special" power of attorney.
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