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TOPIC: Re:My Problems with Alcohol
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My Problems with Alcohol 10 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 0  
My first memory with drinking was as a 17 year old sneaking into a local pub and not really enjoying half a Carlsberg bitter.

I have to say I found the taste and the drink disgusting and wondered what all the fuss about drinking was.

However, of course that didn't stop me and just like all my friends and everyone at college, I started drinking regularly or whenever I went out.

That was the thing to do.

I did the standard thing of getting drunk with my friends once I moved to University in London.

Everyone expected it and I was happy to continue with this because despite it all, it was fun and I didn't want to seem something which I feared I was, namely boring!

Drink was basically something I did almost every evening as you have much more free time at University.

A few years later, when I started my work career in management consultancy, I worked for a company with a very strong drinking culture.

Drink was the connecting factor between all levels in the company and there was very strong informal pressure to go out after work and connect with everyone and the team over a few beers.

Other events such as wine tastings, lunches with mentors etc. inevitably involved a lot of alcohol.

We used to drink every Friday evening with clockwork regularity and often mid-week plus at company events and other times, whenever there was the opportunity it seemed.

The work could also get quite stressful and have long hours so the alcohol was a welcome relief from the pressure.

I drank mainly because this is what I expected to do when I went out whether at work or on the weekends and there didn't seem to be any other sensible options.

It was also fun and enjoyable.

Anyway, I enjoyed the feeling of release from tension and calming warm numbness it gave me inside.

e.g. when spending one summer in Palo Alto, California I was with my cousin and we went to a 4th July BBQ party...

... where the red wine we drank made me feel great and just stopped the damn chatter and incessant thinking in my mind.

I was also pretty bored outside of work because I suddenly didn't have all my friends from University around, so alcohol was a welcome diversion from this issue.

So, alcohol was an integral part of my life and it was without me knowing it a pretty important bedrock of my life, as much as the work was.

However, the drinking started to get too much.
vijendra jain

Alcoholism Information-Alcoholism Information
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Unitrust (Visitor)

Re:My Problems with Alcohol 10 Years, 4 Months ago  

Wanna go out drinking?
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