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TOPIC: Re:lazy attorneys slammin hours
Francis (User)
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lazy attorneys slammin hours 8 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0  
I just finished a summer clerking position at a midsized firm which focuses on med mal, products liability and personal injury claims. Overall is was a great experience and i learned a lot. The thing that surprised me the most is how much time the attorneys spend on your own personal matters during the day and after being at the firm for 12 hours they managed to "bill" 9-10 hours per day "drafting a brief." The reality is that the clerks perform the research and the attorneys cut and paste our work product into the brief. We did the work and they take the credit for it.

At least i have something to look forward to as one day i will hire i bunch of 4.0 thoroughbreds to make me millions!
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D.Vanicora (User)
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Re:lazy attorneys slammin hours 8 Years ago Karma: 0  
Many equity partners "value bill" on files and bill a file based on what they think is appropriate rather than the actual time. Of course, this is not ethical, but it happens all the time. The only thing a paying client can do is to contest the billing. But, you are right, padding the bill and slammin hours is the fastest way to make money practicing law.
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